Welcome to Moving House Checklist.org.uk


This website has been designed by the team at newhomesforsale.co.uk to give you all the help and advice you need when moving house.

Guiding you every step of the way from buying a new property, selling your old home and a week-by-week guide up until moving day.

The Moving House Checklist also contains a list of important people to contact before you move.

On each page you will find a little bit of information about tasks that need to be completed, and the best way to do them, and also access to the free downloadable guide, filled with to-do lists to keep you on the right track.

Everything you need to help you organise a stress-free move is here at the Moving House Checklist.


How to Use this Site

Depending on where you are in your move you will find a list to help you know what to do.

We have pages dedicated to:

- Buying -
How to select and secure a purchase on your dream home
- Selling -
If you’re an existing home owner, we tell you how best to secure a good price for your home and navigate the property chain
- Week-by-week -
This countdown tells you what you should be doing towards your move and when. See weekly checklists with on-page navigation.
- Important people -
The list of people you need to contact with details of your move and when best to talk to them.

Registering with us allows you to fill in the checkboxes provided online, and return back to check the next stages, safe in the knowledge that all your information is still stored and you are free to go onto the next stage of your move with an online reminder of what needs to be done.

Check back any time you want and see what you’ve completed, what needs to be done and what happens next. There are checklists for every stage of your move and you are free to use whichever information you want.