Important people

1 - Family and Friends    9 - Financial Providers 
2 - HM Revenue and Customs   10 - Television, Internet and Phone 
3 - Department for Work and Pensions   11 - Post Office 
4 - Local Council    12 - Your Employer 
5 - DVLA   13 - Financial Help with Moving 
6 - Electoral Register   14 - Schools 
7 - Land Registry   15 - Students 
8 - Health Services   16 - Utility Providers

1 - Make playful, generic cards to send to family and friends to keep them updated!

2 - HM Revenue and Customs will ensure they update your tax codes and any benefits

you currently receive.

3 - The DWP also manage some benefits and also pensions so keep them updated to

ensure you get the right payments.

4 - The Local Council will update your council tax and any services you recieve from them.

5 - You car will need to be registered with the DVLA at your new address. As will car

insurance and breakdown cover.

6 - If you do not put yourself on the electoral register at your current address you cannot


7 - If you are buying the property to rent out, you will need to inform the Land Registry.

8 - Unregister from current doctors and dentists etc and register with new ones in your


9 - Make sure bills and bank statements come to the new address.

10 - Sort out utilities to be ready at your new address.

11 - Arrange for post to be forwarded for a small fee.

12 - Update your payslip and income tax with your employer.

13 - Check if you are eligible for any schemes to help pay moving costs.

14 - Update school registers, unregister if you are leaving the area and register at a new


15 - Students will need to inform the loans compay of the move

16 - Gas, water and electricity is essential so make sure it is ready and you will not be

charged at the old home.